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Elevate Your Funeral Home Business with Secure and Seamless Email Services

Say Farewell to Email Provider Woes – Welcome to Microsoft Office 365!
At Lake Cook Solutions, we understand the unique needs of funeral home businesses. Email communication is crucial for your operations, and the recent security issues with a well-known email provider have left many in your industry concerned. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our comprehensive email migration packages tailored exclusively for funeral home businesses.

Why Choose Lake Cook Solutions, and Why Microsoft Office365?
We understand your business and the unique challenges technology collaboration can bring. Our email migration packages are designed to address your concerns about security, reliability, and functionality. Microsoft’s Office365 platform is recognized as the global leader in email hosting. Their Exchange email protocol is the most robust available and will ensure seamless syncing between devices. That’s right, no more deleting emails on multiple devices, or going from computer to computer to find that sent email.
We ensure a seamless transition to Microsoft Office 365, bolstered by Proofpoint Email Security, providing you with peace of mind and a robust email infrastructure. We’ve helped other funeral homes switch their email over, and you’re next! Have questions? Give us a shout.

Choose your plan

Both plans include:
  – Unlimited Support: Get help when you need it, via email.
  – Add Priority Telephone Support: For the entire company at just $19/month.

Package B:
essentials protection


per month/per user

  • Microsoft 365 Exchange Email Hosting: Reliable email hosting.
  • Proofpoint Essentials Security: Top-notch email security (Online-only access to Email

The Migration Process

Domain Name and DNS Hosting

We’ll work with your domain registrar and DNS provider, including well-known companies like GoDaddy, Namecheap, or Network Solutions.

Create Your Microsoft Cloud Tenant

We’ll set up a secure ‘tenant’ in Microsoft’s cloud for your funeral home. 

Migrate Existing Email:

Our experts will migrate your existing email seamlessly to your new Microsoft Office 365 environment.

User Setup

We’ll work remotely with each user to set up their email accounts on their computers.  

Mobile Integration

Easy-to-follow guides will be provided to help users configure their new email service on their phones.

Need Addtional Help?  

Discover how Lake Cook Solutions is committed to supercharging your email experience! Our support goes above and beyond just getting you up and running; we’re your trusted partners for any setup or user changes you may require. Your email productivity, our priority  

Migration Costs

The migration process involves a base cost of $399, plus $150 for each mailbox we migrate. These costs apply to one domain name and existing Outlook mailbox sizes under 50GB. Additional costs may apply for deviations from these parameters. Have a lot of mailboxes? Get in touch so we can provide a customized quote for your business.

Example Scenario

Let’s consider a funeral home with four email users:
· Owner’s Email · Public/General User’s Email ([email protected])
· Employee Email 1
· Employee Email 2

If Package A fits your needs best:
· Monthly Cost: $39.99 (Package A) x 4 Users = $159.96/month
· Migration Cost: $399 (Base) + $150 (Owner) + $150 (Public) + $150 (Employee 1) + $150 (Employee 2) = $999

So, for these four users, the expected monthly cost would be $159.96, and the one-time migration cost would be $999. Click ‘Get Started Now’ to secure your funeral home’s email communication and embrace a safer and more reliable future with Microsoft Office 365 and Proofpoint Email Security. Contact us for any questions or to request a personalized quote for your funeral home’s unique needs.

Get Started Now

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